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Subject: Highly Efficent Electrical Machines, how Energiesaving-machines und Highly Dynamic Machines, about the Aircoil-Principle

Some English sites are ready now.

You can look at and load down the central International Patent Application about the aircoil-principle.

And you can order the compled result of the research with the book "Das Luftspulenprinzip" (The Air-coil principle). In this book you will find the english international patentapplication and seven german patentaplications and many other new developments. And you find all essays and the calculations about the machines.

Otherwise you can look on the German sites about possibilities of construction the machines. If you like that, do you have to press the buttons "Konstruktionsformen" - forms of construction "Angebote" - offers.
You can read some the essays in German language, do you have to press the buttons "Fachaufsätze".

The Aircoil-Principle is a new kind to build electrical machines (motors and generators) for all power classes and all applications without some special one.

The machines of the Aircoil-Principle have substantial improve on machine characteristics (quality) compared to conventional air-coil machines, how bell- and pancake machines. So you can see, these machines have many other advantages and are very compact.
Not at least, because the Highly Efficiency in each power class they are also the alternative machines to conventional machines with iron-core in the coils. About that, the machines of the Aircoil Principle are of great importance for the business management, national economy and environmental conservation.
Nearly all kind of machines will be change about Highly Efficient Machines of the Aircoil- Principle.



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